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Space Out: The New Psychology of Space

Was finished in November 2001, first show was in March 2002 on Discovery International.

"I enjoyed it immensely. As far as I know it is a first - some other programs have touched upon space psychology but only tangentially - and it is an excellent production. First of all, you did a good job of providing viewers with a comprehensive and accurate overview of the issues. You identified the important issues and put them in perspective. If I were to write a brief summary of what's important in spaceflight psychology, it would come very close to matching your script. You managed to develop interest without sacrificing accuracy and honesty. Second, you provided both historical and contemporary material and, frankly, I learned some things that I had not known about before. Third, although I am biased since you included me and many of my buddies, you got a very diverse and talented group of experts and were able to weave our mutterings into a coherent pattern... And Fourth, your stock film researcher deserves at least four gold stars: the images fit with the messages and maintained a good balance between talking heads and exciting visuals. (Actually, I have never been that adverse to talking heads, but I know most people are.) A lot of the "stock footage" is novel and it really tied in to the points that you made. Spaced Out really is a original, creative, and important for those of us who are interested in spaceflight psychology and I hope that over time it will reach a wide audience."

Albert A. Harrison
Professor of Psychology at the University of California Davis
and autor of Spacefaring: The Human Dimension