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Building of "Mir" Space Orbital Station in Space was initiated on February 20th, 1986 with the launch of Base Block. Later there were launched all other modules – "Kvant", "Kvant-2", "Crystal", "Spectr", docking block for STS Space Shuttle and "Priroda" module.

All the modules were equipped with different instruments for research and experiments in Space. "Mir" Space station was completed in full configuration after 10 years of construction with the docking of last segment – "Priroda" module on April 26th, 1996.

"Mir" Space Station started to function with the crew on board on March 15th, 1986, only in a month after the launch of Base Block.

Within 15 years of "Mir" Orbital Station presence is Space it was inhabited for more than 12 years and 193 days. All together there were 31 "Soyuz" spacecrafts and 62 "Progress" type cargo vehicles launched and docked with Space station. Annual payload delivered to "Mir" Space station was around 15 tons. Cosmonauts and astronauts made 52 EVAs to install additional equipment on "Mir" Station and to conduct different experiments in auto Space. All together cosmonauts and astronauts worked 482 hours outside "Mir" Space station.

In 1995-1998 was conducted "Mir-NASA" Joint Space program. Space Shuttle visited "Mir" Space station 9 times. Especially for Space Shuttle docking with Orbital Station was developed a Docking module, which was delivered and docked with "Mir" Station during 2nd Space Shuttle visit.

"Mir" Space Station gave a chance to another countries to conduct their own experiments in Space. All together there were 104 cosmonauts and astronauts from 12 countries on board "Mir" Space Station: USSR-Russian cosmonauts – 42, American astronauts - 44, France – 6, Germany – 4, and one from each of the countries: Austria, Afghanistan, Great Britain, Canada, Bulgaria, Syria, Slovenia and Japan. Some of cosmonauts made two or three missions and one of them - A.Y. Soloviev, made 5 missions. At present time Mir space station is unique space laboratory of 131 tons mass. There are more then 200 units of unique special scientific instruments and apparatus on board "Mir" Space Station.

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