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Vladimir Semenov
President & Chief Executive Officer

Moscow, Russia 129110
Mira Avenue, 48, build.3,
Main number/fax: +7 (095) 925-1723

US Office - 11831 Troika Ct.
Woodbridge,VA 22192 USA
fax: (703) 580-9210

VideoCosmos is an independent information service company with expertise in the field of space exploration. VideoCosmos is also an independent film and video producer, specializing in space exploration themes, actively engaged in international co-productions.

VideoCosmos is also one of the worlds largest repositories of archived film, video and still images, documenting Soviet and Russian space history.

VideoCosmos was founded September 1990. It's main libraries and headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia. In January 1999 the Company established offices in North America.

VideoCosmos production staff enjoys unrestricted access to many Russian space centers, industrial facilities, as well as other unique and exotic locations; Having earned the co-operation and respect of the country's cosmonauts, scientists and industry specialists.
VC Staff

In 1999 – 2000
VideoCosmos got 3 International Documentaries Film Awards for it's joint production in cooperation with Jones Enterntainment Group, USA.

VideoCosmos professional video library archive is the largest in Russia specializing in Space exploration. The library contains more than 2,500 hours of footage on Russian Space and rocketry. Clients have included The BBC, Discovery, PBS, Disney and a host of others.

VideoCosmos has close ties with more than 30 national space industry enterprises and regularly fulfills their orders. Primary clients include:

The Russian Space Agency
Rockets/Space Corporation 'Energy'
Khrunichev Corporation

The company's foreign partners encompass the world's leading TV companies from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China and South Korea.

Since 1994, the company has been actively engaged in videography and direct television broadcast from Russia, on contract, for NASA.

VideoCosmos has produced over 120 documentaries and TV-programs for all the main Russian TV Channels. In fact, VideoCosmos enjoys the distinction of being, the world's only non-government organization dealing with these kinds of activities.


VideoCosmos has a vast collection of more than 45,000 negatives, photographs and slides, in black and white and color. Custom still photography is also available upon request.


Our immense data bank on Russian/Soviet space activities includes unpublished material with emphasis on historical programs and manned space activities.

VideoCosmos has published "NEWS of COSMONAUTICS" magazine since 1991, and is the most updated and informative publication on Russian Space.
News of Cosmonautics